Educational Language Center offers following types of courses:

Classes are held in groups of 5-8 people. The short-term courses are held 3-4 times for 6-12 hours per week, the standard courses – 3 times for six hours per week. Duration and intensity of training depends on the wish of the participants.

Training cost:

  • for standard courses – from 8,000 to 40,000 rubles.
  • for short courses – from 6,000 to 10,000 rubles.


I. Learning a foreign language

The Educational Language Center offers following educational programs:

  • The course of medical language – 6-10 months;
  • Foreign language for everyday communication – 6-10 months;
  • The course of advanced study of a foreign language – 6-10 months.

The course of medical language:

The aim of the course – the acquisition of future physicians and pharmacists of communicative competence, mastering of oral and written forms of communication in a foreign language as a means of further self-education in the professional sphere.

You will learn:

1. Read the special texts in general medicine. Listen to reports in foreign languages;

2. Write the information obtained from the texts in the form of translation, annotations, abstracts;

3. Communicate on topics about medical education and health care in Russia, England, German and France.

II. Learning of Russian Language

The Educational Language Center offers following educational programs:

1. Russian Language for Beginners (elementary and basic levels) – 10 months.

2. Russian grammar correction course (to increase the level of Russian language) – 6-10 months.

3. Business course for Foreigners coming to Astrakhan for commercial purposes – 6-10 months.
4. Language training of students who wish to study in an internship, ordinatorship and to pass postgraduate candidate examinations in Russian language (grammar and scientific style of language) – 6-10 months.

Intensive short courses – 3 months.

1. Summer language courses for foreigners – 3 months.

2. Learning Russian language by employees of Russian organizations to improve culture of Russian language (increasing of knowledge in practical grammar and learning of difficult cases of spelling and punctuation) – 3 months.

* It is also possible to have an individual training program.

Before you start training at our Center you must have an entrance test to determine the level of your knowledge in Russian language. According to the test results, the type of course, students are divided into groups.

The main purpose of the training is the formation and development of the skills of the Russian language (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and intensive language practice in Russia.

Teaching methods include role-playing games, reading and discussion of texts, viewing educational and feature films, grammatical and lexical training, work in the computer labs. These methods assist students in gaining fast and maximum progress as well as excellent results during even short-term courses.

At the initial stage of training our center offers you a complete program. Our Russian classes are open all year round and offer a combination of pronunciation work, grammar and vocabulary input and speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. The school is open throughout the year with classes at all levels from beginner to advanced.

All participants receive at the end of their Russian course a certificate confirming the training in linguistic center ASMA.

4. Preparation Course for the Unified State Exam – 3 months.

Cultural – entertaining program

The cultural heritage of Astrakhan is rich and diverse. Of course, the best method of learning Russian language is the immersion in the culture and life of Russia. You will better understand the Russian language and emotional features of Russians. Participants will visit museums, exhibitions, theaters, see the sights of our city.

In addition:

The Center provides additional services, which include: translation of articles, theses, abstracts, abstracts from the medical history and other documentation from Russian into foreign languages and from foreign languages into Russian language; editing of articles and theses in foreign languages.

In our Center you can listen to lectures on the history, culture, literature, art, and also to take part in the round table discussions about the different problems of Russian language, the methods of teaching of Russian language and about the culture of Russian people.

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